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Mental Wellness

We are very passionate about mental wellness, with the belief that it starts up top. Before transformation begins physically, we should give just as much attention to our mental health and wholeness.


We are excited to partner with Jen Freilino and 501 Counseling. You can read more about Jen below.

Jen Freilino, MS, Licensed Professional Counselor
I help teenagers and adults stop hating their bodies and themselves, so they can connect, move, and eati ntuitively (and peacefully) again. Most of the people I work with are fed up with dieting, overeating, and obsessing. They just feel hopeless against the shame they feel about their eating habits and bodies. They feel trapped in a cycle that they cannot get off. They want a lasting change and to finally feel
comfortable in their own skin. It is possible to have those things. Sometimes you just need a little guidance to get there.

If you are interested in working with Jen fill out the form below or email her at jen.freilino@therapysecure.com

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