Prep Day 3: Chest, Shoulders, Arms

Today was probably the hardest workout so far. Still doing my 6x12 workouts. Today we focused on chest, shouders, and arms. Nutrition was pretty good, I had ground turkey for the first time and it wasnt as bad as I expected.


Meal #1 6:30AM

Whole Grain Kodiak Cakes with black coffee

Meal #2 11:00AM

Breakfast bowl with orange juice

Meal #3 1:00PM

Baked Potato with brown rice(1 Cup)

Meal #4 5:00PM

Ground Turkey and Green Beans

Other: Still limiting my sugar outside of fruits. Ive only had one gatorade this week. Water intake has been consistenly around 80 oz.

Workout Breakdown

Bench Press 6X12

Delt Raise 6X12

Floor Press 6X12

Plate Raise 6X12

Push Ups 6X12

Dips 6X12

Weight: 157.6 lbs

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