Prep Day 2: Oatmeal! And.................. back & biceps

Alright so this is an overview from day 2 of my prep! Today I worked on back and biceps for 6X12. I also noticed that I was a bit low on my sodium intake for Monday so I had a last minute substitution. First, here is an overview of my nutrition from Day 2.

Meal #1 6:30AM

Oatmeal with blueberries and black coffee

Meal #2 10:00AM

Whole Grain Kodiak Cakes

Meal #3 12:30PM

2 Beef & Bean Burritos(Plain)

Last minute substitution

Meal #4 5:30PM

Chicken fried steak(oven)

Caesar Salad

Green Beans

Other: 80 oz of water. Grapes and blueberries for snack after dinner. Banana and orange before bed.

Workout Breakdown

Back and Biceps 6X12

Single are DB Row

Cable Curls

T Bar Row

Single Arm Hammer Curls

Partial BB Curl

Weight:157.8 lbs

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