Prep Day 1

On Monday, August 31st I have officially started my competition prep! I apologize in advance for the lack of pictures and videos, I plan to add those in hopefully as soon as the next update. The purpose of today is to breakdown my nutrition and workouts for the day. I will start by highlighting some of the things I am either cutting out or cutting down.

Sugar consumption(Added)-This is an easy one considering I dont really eat much sugar anyway. I am a fan of oreos and twizzlers so I will have to say goodbye to them for now.

Alcohol consumption- This one will be tough! Its nothing for my to crack open a couple of beers during the evening when Im watching TV. As of now I am just sticking to red wine. Im a big red wine fan anyway so this will give me a chance to expand my taste!

Fast Food- Consider it gone!

Nutrition Breakdown:

6:00AM-Oatmeal, Black Coffee

9:30AM-Whole Grain Kodiak Cakes with blueberries

11:30AM-Baked Potato, Brown Rice, 2 Oranges

2:30PM-Pro Performance Bulk 1340

5:30PM-2 Fajitas with red & green bell peppers

8:30 PM-1 Large Banana

Other: 80 ounces of water, Creatine HCL 189, Pro Performance Bulk 1340

Workout Breakdown

Chest & Back Day (4X10)

Lat Pulldown 90Lbs

Bench Press 135, 155, 175, 175

DB Chest Fly 40 lbs

Close grip pulldown 90 lbs

Cable Row 90 lbs

Incline Push Ups

On Tuesday-Thursday I will also add in a seperate core workout to go along with my primary exercises.

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