Goal getters!

We want to help you perform at your best to reach your goals. I have various personal training options to help you get there. Single session options as well as package deals. Here are a few reasons you should consider personal training:

Support– Your trainer will be your biggest cheerleader and source of encouragement. I know most trainers became certified for the same reason I did, because we want you to succeed in meeting your goals and live a happy and healthy life. A trainer will work with you to overcome any resistance or barriers to creating a healthier life and meeting your health goals.

Accountability– Do you find it difficult to keep working out consistently? Having an appointment with a trainer might be what you need to get you to the gym when you may otherwise find a reason not to go.

Build Confidence- Feel uncomfortable in the gym? Don’t know how to use all the machines? A trainer will show you the correct way to use equipment in the gym and give you a plan.

Clarity– Fitness and nutrition can be very confusing. Every day seems to bring a new diet or workout trend. A trainer can help you sift through all of the information out there and provide direction to help you find the right path for your fitness journey.

Personal Training Sessions & Packages

Single Session 

30 Minute $35

60 Minute $55

Couples Session

30 Minute $40

60 Minute $65

Group Training(3 people)

30 Minute $55

60 Minute $80

Group Training(4 people)

30 Minute $70

60 Minute $100


(5)-30 Minute Sessions $145

(5)-60 Minute Sessions $245

(10 )-30 Minute Sessions $290

(10)- 60 Minute Sessions $475