Online Training

Online training is a great way to reach your fitness goals if you have a busy schedule. With traditional personal training you and your trainer have to meet at a certain day and time. If you have a schedule thats all over the place this could be difficult. With online training you can tailor your workouts to match your schedule. Some other benefits of online training include accessibility, cost, independence, and session durations. I understand that you may be on the fence about online training and thats perfectly fine. After all, online training is still a new concept so alot of people are just now getting warmed up to the idea.

Earlier I mentioned some of the benefits of online training but here they are in more detail. 

  • Customized Plans-Working out on your own schedule is a huge benefit to online training. We are all busy and can’t always make it to the gym. Online training eliminates set schedules while allowing you to customize your plan.

  • Affordable- Affordability is always important, and there’s no exception with online training. Whether it’s one-on-one sessions multiple time a week, or group sessions, we have something for everyone. Our online programs are both effective and affordable.

  • Track Results- Today technology places tracking your results right at your fingertips. You are able to track and see your results at your convenience-see how your weight has decreased or your squat reps have increased by simply logging on to your account.

If you still have questions about how online training works please contact us and set up a free 15 minute phone consultation. 

Package Description

Klass 1 

Klass 2 

Klass 3 

Cross Fit Class
Sit Ups
Kettle Ball Squats

Trainer Guidance

  • Workout App Access

  • Individualized Workout Program

  • Check in calls(twice a month)

  • Progress Monitoring 

Accoutability Bonus Package

  • Individualzed workout program based on assessment and intake responses.

  • Workout program monitoring

  • Trainer feedback and adjustments 

Transformation Package & Support

  • Limited spot availability 

  • Individualized Program

  • Precision Nutrition Coaching

  • Unlimited check ins

Online Training Plans

  • Klass 1

    Every month
    Trainer Guidance
    • Assessment and Consultation Process
    • Individualized Workout Program
    • General Nutrition Recommendations
  • Best Value

    Klass 2

    Every month
    individualized workout program
    • Everything from Klass 1
    • Nutrition Lessons
    • Grocery List and Buying Strategies
    • Mobility Routine
    • Nutrition Plan
  • Klass 3

    Every month
    Transformation Package
    • Everything from Klass 1 & 2
    • Precision Nutrition Coaching
    • Food Journal Review
    • Video Movement Analysis & Coaching
    • Accountability Calls
    • Individual Nutritional Needs Analysis