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Who I Am

Your Fitness Guru

Who I am can be a difficult question depending on who you ask! I guess if I had to describe myself I would say Im just a guy trying to become the best father and husband I can be. After that I guess I would consider myself a pretty decent trainer/coach. I got my bachelors degree in nutrition from the University of Central Arkansas. Shortly after I graduated I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life. I was working in food service but that was only part time and I knew that was something I didnt want do do long term(more about this later). I had the idea to start my own business and like most people who decide this I thought it was going to lead to instant success and I had the worlds greatest Idea. My originally plan was to strictly sell supplements online! Man what an original idea. I got all of my business paper work together and filed for my name in 2013. Shortly after that I thought well maybe selling supplements isnt enough, since I have this nutrition degree I may as well create meal plans for people! Once again another idea that no one in the history of the world had thought of. I even went out and spent $500 on meal planning software and before you ask,no I couldnt afford it but I thought I would easily make that money back because im such an excellent businessman. I had everything planned out and ready to go! I was going to quit my job December 31st and launch my website January 1st and promote it as a new year, new you sort of thing. I want you to keep in mind I had no connections in the fitness industry, no money saved, no workshops, courses or anything. I was just going for it. I advertised on facebook and everyone seemed to like what I was doing. January 1st, 2014 comes I am tired because I stayed up all night putting the finishing touches on my website. I figured I would sleep in until about noon, wake up and have a thousands of dollars worth of sales! Um no! I woke up to approximately zero sales. I didnt panic I just figured people havent had a chance to view my amazing website yet! A few days go by and I have yet to sell anything from my site and panic starts to set in. Finally I sale a few bottles of pre workout supplement and a meal plan. After a few more days go by my Wife(who was my girlfriend at the time) suggests to me I should become a group exercise instructor. I say ok thats something that I think I would be pretty good at, im in decent shape and I think I could be a good motivator. I talked to a friend of mine who was doing bootcamp classes and he agreed that it would be something worth trying. So I get a certification and another friend of mine tells me about this position coming open at the Bryant recreation center. I go in for an interview and get hired for the position. Im happy but extremely nervous at the same time. Around that same time, which is March 2014 I start making plans to do a bootcamp in my hometown of Lockesburg, Arkansas. I was really excited about this because I was familiar with the people and it was in my hometown. The only problem was I lived in Conway at the time which was about 2 and a half hours distance. So here I am going from and online nutrition business to group exercise instructor. I would teach a class on Monday and Wednesday evenings in Bryant, and then head to Lockesburg on Thursday to do an evening class Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning. This went on for a couple of months but by August it slowed down. Attendance was low, I was getting discouraged, and I was broke! There is a lot of money in the fitness industry but in order to earn some of it people have to show up for your classes/events. I stopped doing the classes in Lockesburg and I was on the verge quitting the recreation center in Bryant. The drive from Conway to Bryant was about 50 minutes so it was very frustrating making the drive and no one showed up. Around October the parks director calls me into his office and tells me he knows I am frustrated but not to give up. He had a solution to help improve things. You see, at this point people paid for the classes and I got a split of what was paid. I think at that time it was $40/mo for 8 classes. I split with the center 60/40. So you can imagine if only 1 or 2 people are coming im not making any money. So the director tells me he has this idea to include classes in the memberships. His idea behind it was that more people would sign up for memberships if classes were included and increase the centers revenue. I would be paid based on how many people came to the classes.If less than 8 came I would get $25 per class and if more than 8 came I would get $35 per class. This sounded great but it had to be approved by the city. Well like I mentioned earlier. I was broke. In November of 2014 I took a job at Arkansas Childrens Hospital as a food service worker. I already had food service experience with my nutrition background. It wasnt ideal but I did what I had to do. A couple of months go by and the parks director tells me the idea was approved and it would start the next month. I cant remember exact dates. In February of 2015 I start studying to be a certified personal trainer. I wanted to get certified but once again I was broke AF! At the time bryant recreation didnt offer any personal training services so I mentioned it to the staff. I became certified in April of 2015 and started training. I still remember my very first client, an older gentleman named John. I was very busy around this time. I worked by food service job from 6-2:30 and then did classed on Mondays and Wednesdays as well as personal training. This went on until around May 2016. At that time I got a PRN position at the Arkansas Childrens fitness center as a group exercise instructor and personal trainer. I had scaled back to working part time at my food service job to give me more flexibility with training. That PRN position turned into a part time position by September of 2016. Unfortunately the hours conflicted with by schedule in Bryant so I left the recreation center after 2 plus years. It was difficult because I built some great relationships while I was there. So I started that part time fitness center assistant job in September and oh by the way I got engaged that past summer at the beach. Yes I proposed at the beach, very romantic and well thought out proposal if I do say so myself. So im in this position in September and around that same time I come across an article about online training. This is something I had attemped in the past but failed miserably. I had seen lots of certifications and other things talking about take your business to the next level but this was different. It was called the Online Trainer Academy and it was developed by Jon Goodman and his company. It was one of the best courses I have ever taken. It had great detail on marketing, business structure, etc. In November of 2016 I became one of the worlds first certified online trainers through the online trainer academy. Fast forward a little bit, I self publish a cookbook in March 2017, get married in April 2017, and get promoted to exercise specialist in May 2017. That was a wild, exciting time in my life. I worked at my position of exercise specialist all the way until March 2020. During that time span my wife and I buy a house, and have our first kid. I resigned from my position at Arkansas Childrens to continued to grow my company. Even during the pandemic I am trying my best to help people become the best versions of themselves. Leaving Arkansas Childrens was one of the toughest decisions I have ever made in my life. It was part of my life 5 plus years and I got to work and network with some great people. I felt that I had accomplised everything I set out to do at Arkansas Childrens Fitness Center and it was time to move on. Now I am full time at my business helping my clients the best way I can. Well now you know a little bit more about me. I hope to learn more about you in the future.